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Question Answer Scripts-yahoo Answer Clone

Any websites developers normally conclude that-rich content is king, but in my point of views- fresh content is queen. It means constantly updating with fresh content on your websites will be more beneficial for your website and ultimately it gives you a better result. This could only be possible when you use Question answer script. It is a website solution for making question answer websites. Question answer websites has many advantages over any other form of websites as it provides the straight forward and accurate answer to the user. It is far more beneficial to any user. They love to interact with these sites to get answer of their question. From the point of webmasters, he can easily earn great revenue from these websites. When you think about its maintenance then you have not to worry about the content of websites as users always ask and answer question which lead to the generation of fresh content always for the search engine. From search engine point of view also it is great. Let user to share their feeling of question and answer. Give them a platform to share all their feeling.

To make question answer website you need question answer script. It is very easy to make and manage. This takes a very well care of user. Websites made with in this format really earn a lot. This leads in the demand of question answer script which is exactly a yahoo answer clone. It provides the same flexibility and usability like yahoo answer and wiki answers. You really don?t need to be technically so sound however you can run it efficiently. Just made the websites and rest will be done by user who ask questions and give answer.

Features of question answer scripts?
it is just alike the yahoo answer, you can say it as yahoo answer clone. Easy to install. Search engine friendly URL of question and answer separately containing respective unique Meta tags. This feature helps in easily indexing on different search engines. Constantly updating of content. It is highly customizable. That means you can edit the design according to your choice and need. Design element is separate from code. Easy for the user to login, ask question and give answer. Webmaster can do according to his choice like adding or deleting category, question and answer. You can add filter to avoid alter things on your website. Administrator can block the registered user from posting new question or answering if he is doing spamming. A user gets an e-mail notification if any other user gives answer to his question. Question answer script made websites is fully customized with advertising space. You can add third party advertisement script also

These features become the reason for its high demand. Anyone can get benefits from its just buying it in affordable price. This is really a life long project for any wise and intelligent website developer. He definitely uses this Yahoo answer script to get more from this then the above described.