6 essential steps of healthcare mobile app development

So, you’ve done your research and selected the market niche and the type of your mHealth app. Now it’s time for planning and estimating the project scope, budget, and main features of your product. Healthcare mobile app development can be daunting and time-consuming unless you’re well prepared.

Follow these steps to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

  1. Understand your audience

    Target audience analysis is a crucial part of your product discovery phase. The target audience represents more than just users of your app. It’s a huge market segmented by various factors, including country, gender, age, education, income level, lifestyle, etc.

    There’s no way to build a successful medical app without understanding users' needs. Each region has its specifics and regulations, so start by choosing the targeted countries for your platform. In 2020, the global mobile health market revenue share in North America was 38%. Europe and the Asia-Pacific took other parts of the pie with shares of over 25%.

    Your audience research will give you a clue on necessary features and general expectations from a mHealth app.

  2. Outline core features for MVP

    Unfortunately, you cannot have all the cool features at once — otherwise, the development time and cost will be outrageous. That’s why you should separate must-have from nice-to-have features for your MVP. If you’re stuck on prioritizing the features, the business analysis will help you better understand your product requirements and business needs.

    The key features of your medical app for doctors will depend on the chosen application type. Here is a brief list of mHealth apps functionality:

    • Patient data monitoring
    • Secure doctor-patient communication
    • File exchange
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Integration with EHR
    • Integration with payment systems
    • Integration with Google Kit and Health Kit
    • AI health assistant
    • Progress tracking and analytics
    • Cloud data storage
    • Cross-platform accessibility
    • Notifications

    Go for essential features that reflect your app’s concept in the first place. You can always add more functionality after the MVP is released.

  3. Take care of UX/UI design

    While the fancy design is not a must for a medical application, usability could be the turning point for your app’s success. Paying attention to UX and UI design ensures smooth interaction between the users and your brand.

    Follow these rules to make your healthcare app user-friendly:

    • Optimize user journey. Make all actions as easy as possible.
    • Choose an ergonomic information architecture. Highlight core features with UI design.
    • Make sure your design is responsive. Adapt the app’s interface to various platforms and screen sizes.
    • Empathize with your users. Find out what your audience needs and give it to them.
    • Test your design. Validate your ideas through usability testing and user feedback to upscale your app.

    You can choose a more conservative or modern design depending on your target audience’s preferences. Planning all details and visualizing them with design prototypes will save you costs and shorten time to market.

  4. Pick a dedicated development team

    The qualifications and experience of the chosen development team make a big difference in the prosperity of your product. Hiring in-house developers increase the project cost and require additional time while working with freelancers doesn’t guarantee the expected result.

    The best option is to choose a close-knit team with experience in healthcare mobile app development. Entirely focused on your project goals, it takes care of the whole development process from hiring to project management. A dedicated team accelerates the product development lifecycle and provides smooth and effective communication to achieve the best possible result.

  5. Consider security compliance

    Since healthcare applications handle a lot of personal information, it’s vital to keep patient data safe by complying with legal and privacy regulations. The following list includes regulations needed for medical apps within the US market:

    • HIPAA. Adherence to HIPAA is mandatory for all apps that process and store Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) such as CT and MRI scans, lab results, and doctor’s notes.
    • CCPA. This law informs patients about the collected data, provides reports, and removes the data at the request.
    • NIST. It’s a cybersecurity framework that offers a wide range of tools and services explicitly for mHealth applications.

    In other words, there is no way of launching a medical app without following cybersecurity standards.

  6. Choose app monetization model

    Whether you’re building a medical app or any other app, you can choose from the same list of monetization strategies. Your options include:

    • Freemium. The idea is to give access to basic features while offering advanced functionality for a premium account.
    • Certified content. This strategy involves providing free access to a limited amount of content. After users reach the limit, they need to sign up and pay for a subscription.
    • Relevant advertising. You can bet on targeted mobile ads that use GPS or beacon-based localization.
    • Subscription model. Offer different subscription plans for doctors or patients.

    Whichever monetization strategy you choose, make sure it’s not annoying or disruptive for user performance.  

The Michelangelo Virus – Hype And Fizzle

The Michelangelo virus was the first real appearance of computer virus hype in the media. Various "experts" made claims about how widespread the virus was and how much damage it was going to do when it triggered.

Michelangelo first hit the news in late January, 1992. A customer noticed that computers from Leading Edge were arriving with the virus pre-installed. The next day, John McAfee is quoted as saying Michelangelo was the third most common virus in the world.

Two weeks later, McAfee was quoted again, and this time he estimated that as many as five million computers worldwide could be hurt by the virus. This was a big, impressive number, and journalists ran with it. All through February, readers were treated to an assortment of information that was either overblown or just wrong. For example, several experts reported that the virus came from bulletin board systems, which is not true--the virus was spread on infected floppy disks.

One expert advised not shutting computers down on March 5th, the day before the trigger day. The virus would only be triggered by actually booting the computer on the 6th, he said. If the computer was never turned off, the virus wouldn't have a chance to trigger.

In early March, Intel discovered it was sending the virus with one of their programs. Several journalists took the words of McAfee and others, especially the estimate of five million infected computers, and spun wilder and wilder predictions of damage.

When March 6th arrived, the world held it's breath, waiting for the reports of mass destruction of never came. Instead of millions of computers, the virus barely hit a few thousand. AT&T, with 250,000 computers, said the virus affected two systems.

Critics pointed out that the people making the huge claims stood to profit--because they were also selling anti-virus programs.

Steps To Having An Efficient Testing Automation Process

Software testing can help you determine whether the program that you have developed is doing well or if it still needs improvement on certain aspects. This is to ensure that the software works as expected so that the users who will be utilizing the application will be able to enjoy the experience. However, even software testing needs to be tested. This is because not all processes can be deemed as successful. There are several factors which may affect the success of the procedure and it is only right that you assure this one first so that when you go for software test automation, you are guaranteed that everything is going well. So how do you ensure that the testing automation process is properly executed? Here are the answers.

The key for having a winning strategy in testing automation is to simply follow the laws of software development process. The first step is to seek for an improvement in the testing process. To do this, you will have to guarantee that the entire procedure is weld defined. In addition to this, you need to search for ways that will allow you to do everything easily and without much cost. Since most of the test teams today start the process by means of the regression tests, there is a need to check how well the regression tests have been documented. Documentation is the primary aspect that you should verify before you start automating.

Step two is to define the requirements, which will be your bases as to why you will need to automate. There are any reasons why people do this and some of them want to speed up the testing process, aid them for the frequent tests, reduce manual labor, ensure consistency and to develop programming skills amongst the staff. Different goals are set when you wan to go for automation and thus, it would be easier for you to know what you and your team should do in the process.

Next, you will need to establish the concept and among the tests that need these are regression, configuration, test bed, and non GUI testing. Then you will need to design a code for sustainability. This means that you should not focus on what is just now but for the long term process. It is not about how short you have worked on the program analysis but how you are able to build a program that is full of integrity. To do this, you will need to concentrate on the performance and the simplicity of the analysis. In order for you to have a sustainable test suite, you need renewability, independence and repeatability as you design the code.

The last one is to make a plan for the deployment process. Many would think that they can just make use of the automation testing tools to do the job for them. While they can be run without the assistance of the humans, there is still a need for you to make a plan. This way, you can reuse the automation procedure again and again since you have set the test to become widely available.

Best Keyword Software Tools

If you're up to it, I want to disclose some eye-opening and quite disturbing information to you about keywords. Listen...I'm not trying to scare you here but you need to know what's been going on seemingly behind your back, for quite some time now - Are you okay with that? Okay -

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It's not your usual type of war but it does involve major losses! Countless fortunes are being made and countless others are being lost online every day because of it.

You see, the internet is really a war-zone the likes of which the world has yet to comprehend!
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Don't let people fool you into thinking that you're safe and sound behind your little website and no one can touch you if you use this marketing strategy or the next.

This Is Going To Disturb You...

You might have been told that a nice peaceful and profitable Joint Venture is taking the 'High-Road' and you're doing the right thing by cooperating with your competition.

Yeah RIGHT! These are the same people that will Joint Venture with you one minute - then run over to their computer like they had ants-in-their-pants and then research your keywords and before you know it they'll out maneuver you and "Blow You Right Out of The Water!"


I'll be the first to tell you that Joint Ventures ARE profitable but - 'You HAVE to watch your own back!'

Simple Method To Increase Your Computers Performance

There are many of us that have made computers our life, there is nearly no work that we ca finish without the help of computers. There are official matters, even personal work too that might be at a halt if your system is not working well. If you are troubled with the system?s speed then it is better to find out a solution to increase your PC?s performance, simply getting a new PC wont be the best way to solve this problem.

There are a few steps that can be followed and verified if they work or not, well in approximately all the cases these steps are the best solution to handle any problem.

Firstly, check out the PC and see what kind of files you have stored in your PC, are there any such files that you do not want and have installed without any proper use. There are chances that at times such files that are if no use, then even they can also reduce the speed of your computer. If there are such files that you do not use then there is no point keeping these files in your computer the best way is to remove them. This might be a good step in increasing your system?s speed.

Secondly, check out the defragmentation that you have done. If you haven?t defragmented your drives properly then there are chances that there might be an adverse effect o the speed and the performance of your PC. There are chances that your hard drive may turn over crowded and this can slow down your PC searches and performance thus defragmentation is needed to overcome such situation.

Get a proper and more RAM, this is required as RAM is the main aspect that allows the smooth functioning of a computer and thus affects the working d speed. The affect of RAM on performance and speed is well known so it?s better to get more and quite effective RAM.

Graphics, there are at times chances that this factor might be the culprit behind the reduced speed affects. There are times when any game or any functioning turns slow just because of the graphic that are not appropriate in your computer according to the necessary requirement so getting the best graphic card of\r even checking the graphic property can do the needful.

Make sure your PC works smoothly and properly, there are cases where there is an affect on the speed and thus it affects our life so protect your life from getting affected and check out the reasons for the reduced speed and correct them on time.

Build a Better Online Community with Live Chat Software

Customers aren't simple-minded creatures you misperceived them to be. Potential customers want to do business with organizations whose online reputation is laudable. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines reputation as the overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general. This definition is true for both personal and brand reputation. MDG Advertising points out 42% of U.S. adults conduct an online search on someone they want to do business with. They visit review and social media websites to hear other consumers' positive and negative experiences. The things that they discovered compelled 45% of them to change their minds about doing business with the company. What can you do to manage your online reputation?

Online Reputation Matters

MDG Advertising advises web-based businesses to establish their presence on social media websites. They explain in their information graphic, "Have You Seen Your Online Reputation?" that social media is about your brand's voice first and your products second. The Facebook and Twitter campaigns should go beyond sharing promotional offers. The individual that is designated to handle your accounts should foster brand advocates and positive online reviews and mentions. However, don't leave all the work to social media networks! You can build a positive online reputation by engaging website visitors with live chat software.

More Than a Virtual Store

Without support chat software, your e-commerce website is a merely a virtual store that sells products. Customers that want to assess your online reputation will exit your website to search about your company elsewhere. Don't let potential customers slip away! Support chat software is an innovative business solution that puts globally-situated operators in charge of your website. Just like social media managers, customer service representatives (CSRs) are trained to manage your online reputation. They welcome every person that visits your website because they know every online user is powerful. The greeting text-based message establishes rapport and creates awareness that live chat is available on your website.

Chat Operators or Crisis Managers?

As visitors go through your online store, live chat representatives use the built-in web analytic feature to assess online behavior. Online metrics such as webpage duration, keyword searches and referral URL source give away what visitors have in mind. Live chat software enables CSRs to proactively send a chat invitation. Upon its acceptance, potential customers can ask in-depth questions about your company. Chat operators are trained to evaluate the situation and communicate appropriately. They give timely responses and do not let any situation develop into a crisis. Before handling a one-on-one chat session, they go through a specially designed training manual. They have knowledge about your products, company policies and they are up-to-date on company news.

Exceptional Sales Force Team

Once they wipe away customer qualms, live chat representatives ask strategic questions of their own. They are employed to manage your online reputation as well as increase revenue streams. Potential customers may be interested in learning more about your products/services. Chat operators can resolve common search queries and clarify company policies. They can also navigate customers to product testimonials that appear on your website. Such tactics will encourage visitors to buy from your website.

Enter A New, Enhanced 3D World With The Ability To Make All Your Dreams Into Reality

3D Images, films and holograms. These are all part of a new, quickly developing technological innovation that has become available for daily use. Buyers can even use new, state -of -the -art 3 D photo printers, with which they can make their own resources or statues in a few moments.

3 D technological innovation has achieved its point in growth when every family can enjoy its rights. What was once only in the arms of enhance scientists and designers, with only a small slice of it actually available for daily use, now entertains many players, sports lovers and film lovers.

For beginners, how do 3 D films work? It's simple - by developing 3- perspective films. But how are these pictures designed, and how is it actually possible to understand those pictures in 3 dimensions?Let's describe everything from the starting. It was 1844 when the Scottish founder Bob Brewster developed something that he known as "the Stereoscope". The Stereoscope is the first piece of technological innovation in the record of humanity that could take 3 D images. It performs allowing the audience see a stereoscopic couple of images trough special contacts, set at a particular position, that make the recognized picture seem 3- perspective.Technology ongoing developing, and the first stereoscopic photographic camera was designed, known as the Kinematascope. The first 3 D film was designed in 1915. In 1922 the first community 3D film was launched, while 13 years later, the first shade 3D was designed. As time came and went, the reputation of 3D technological innovation increased and dropped. But with the backdrop growth of that technological innovation, we now have our contemporary watches, TVs and other gadgets which allow us to have the satisfaction of viewing 3D pictures and films at home. Different processor chips and design cards, designed available by Nvidia and similar companies that make and generate them, allow the frequent watches to be used as 3D watches.

The 3D technological innovation is used not only for enjoyment, but for healthcare requirements too. Today's technological innovation provides an substitute to the common nasty anatomic styles. With 3D- technological innovation, physicians and scientists can use 3D pictures as anatomic styles and atlases. The 3D pictures are damage-proof, space effective and can enhance many healthcare training applications. They can be used for analysis in many areas of medication, chemistry and technology, and they provide specific creation of one's individual system and body parts. Which range from skin, through bloodstream, to all the other individual body systems, 3-dimensional structure pictures can enhance therapeutic analysis to a large degree. They allow the scientists to research one's individual system part by part, providing them a large amount of information about every body organ and cells.

Architecture is also one of the areas that can use the 3D technological innovation for its benefits. 3D technological innovation increases the design of the structure styles, while creatively enhancing them. When 2 perspective pictures just do not do the key, 3D pictures can be used. These pictures can help many individuals understand the structural styles, either through a community or personal visible demonstration. It can be said that contemporary styles rely on this technological innovation. 3D pictures allow the ultimate performs to be proven from the right perspectives.

Have you ever thought about studying any kind of guide or papers in 3D? Whether you have or have not technological innovation has also presented us excellent application that can convert any form of guide, e-book or papers into a exclusive, 3- perspective guide. 3D PageFlip Professional is probably the best application out there that is able to make a 3D flipping book from a PDF computer file. Book studying will never be the same since exclusive guides were presented. This will result in developing amazing exclusive guides with pictures taking out of the includes. Also, viewing geographical atlases, for example, could not possibly be any more fun. 3D technological innovation has gotten every guide audience joy, even the little ones, who just want a bed time tale. 3D pdf to flipbook device will be the good associate to do so.

Pc Repair Tips For When You Can?t Uninstall Avg

Imagine that it is the end of the workday and soon it?ll be time to catch the ride back home. You just need to send that last e-mail message before shutting down your PC. But the PC just refuses to shut down and eventually you get late.

Many times, you are likely to face problems while shutting down our PC. But there is still hope as there exist many ways to speed up the shutting down process of your PC. Let?s look at the most common ways:
? Close all Applications
? Manage your Device Drivers
? Disable Terminal Services
? Edit the Registry

Close all Applications
When a PC shuts down, it begins by closing all applications and processes running on your PC. This could delay the PC shut down process considerably. The best way to resolve this is to ensure that you close all software applications before you shut down your PC.

Manage your Device Drivers
Your pc may take lot of time to shut down is if your device drivers aren?t up-to-date. A simple way to rectify this is to check the device drivers that aren?t up-to-date and then upgrade them. To begin checking your device drivers, you should double-click System from the Control Panel window. Then navigate to the Device Manager command. This opens the Device Manager utility that lists all the devices installed on your PC.

A device with a red exclamation mark indicates that the device isn?t working and needs to be repaired. It is a good idea to call for technical support and, if one isn?t available, online technical support. However, if a device has a yellow exclamation mark, it indicates that the device is using a device driver that isn?t specific to the device. In such a situation, you need to go to the Web site of the company that produced the device to download and install the appropriate device driver.

Disable Terminal Services
Often, our PC has several terminal services enabled by default. Examples of these services include the remote desktop facility and remote desktop assistance. Keeping these services enabled by default makes it difficult for your PC to close these applications. Therefore, you should disable such terminal services and enable them only when you need to use them. Of course, you should disable them after you?ve used them.

To accomplish this, you need to type the command in the Run dialog box. From the resultant Services window, browse for Terminal Services in the Name column, select it, and click the Stop button.

Edit the Registry
One of the last steps you can perform to make your PC shut down faster is to edit the registry and ensure that the wait time for applications is less. Reducing this wait time drastically reduces the time your PC takes to shut down. To accomplish this, open the registry of your PC and locate the following registry key:


To reduce the amount of wait time, access the WaitToKillServiceTimeout parameter of the key and enter the time you want. This parameter takes time in seconds multiplied by 1000. So, if you want your PC to wait for 5 seconds, you need to enter 5000 as the value of this parameter.

However, there may be times when none of these solutions manage to rectify the problem. In such situations, it is best to call for remote IT support offered by an expert pc repair company. The remote technical support offered by an expert pc repair company such as helps you investigate and fix the problem in your system.

Outstanding Software Discounts

There some outstanding software discounts to be found on the Internet. People use the Internet search engines to find creative ways of searching out the best deals of software packages that are sold below the manufacturer?s suggested retail price. These searches can find outstanding software discounts that reward you for buying in quantity, and on some occasions will give you a free software license to show their appreciation.

People, who are going to school or are working as instructors at colleges and universities get outstanding software discounts because the manufacturers recognize the need for instructors to have the latest technology available to them. Because schools typically purchase a large amount of software at one time, the discounts are provided on the software product itself, and the software license to use it.

These outstanding software discounts that are afforded to educational institutions of higher learning, give college officials the power to purchase several types of software packages at one time, and are afforded the opportunity to renew it on a pre-set schedule. True customer service oriented manufactures are one of the best and outstanding software discounts givers that educators will ever have.

Search engines provide people with unique features that let people sort through the vast maze of software products to find outstanding software discounts that are perfectly formulated to work with their present operating system. The discounts that resellers get from carefully negotiated contracts with software manufacturers passed on to the consumer, where outstanding software discounts are really appreciated.

Many of the discounted software packages are not centered on the computer business Industry at all. These discounted software programs allow people to work independently from home in various industries. There are travel agents that find outstanding software discounts in programs that will help them connect to travel booking sites all over the world.

There are writing programs that journalists routinely use to write the latest news that is happening in any part of the world. There are outstanding software discounts offers that are meant to help small business owners stay in business, and these software programs will cover all facets of their business operations. People search for many software program deals on the internet and find it.

Some people rely on software product reviews to find out which software products offer outstanding software discounts, and which software packages should be avoided altogether. These software product reviews are written by actual users of software products. Some users are quite free with their opinion, and they may give thumbs-up, or a thumbs-down rating, at any given time. The outstanding software discounts that some Internet retailers offer may show up in their truth written ratings over of over-classed product.

People still expect and demand at times for outstanding software discounts because their time and money are valuable items to them. Unusable software products will waste their time and require more time when they have to be replaced. Small business owners learn quickly to read reviews, because inoperable software could put them out of business.

Run Dll Virus – Antidote Is Found!

Is it about time to fix Dll Error? Appearance of dll fix is a matter for thousands of users. Your Windows system is being intruded in the ways you may not even know about and Rundll malware is a cause of it. You hadn?t suspected any wrong processes and your system had worked persistantly until an error window occured in front of your eyes. A malware is a common reason of run dll error message in your system. An error window about run dll can occur when you endeavour to access your Control Panel.

Side effect of run dll error is loss of resources and unsteady Windows work. Further work will be constantly disturbed by run dll error message windows. The only place where run dll doesn?t display as a rule is Safe Mode. You can see run dll error message when you simply try to open some system folders or drive. It is a possible cause of run dll error.

Basically run dll errors are caused by run dll infection. You can get your e-mail and find a letter with an infected attachment amidst the other letters. You can get a malicious programs via infected thumb by double-clicking on your drive?s icon drive from other system of public nets. Do not mix run dll with the legal Windows file called which is always located in your Windows\System32 file. Be attentive erasing valid file with name alike run dll advance because it can crash your PC! If you see any file similar to run dll in your operating system file (and not in its subfolders) - it is a infection.

Another momentous notice is that virus run dll file hasn?t got Microsoft signature and version info tab in its Properties. Unfortunately, the trojan is faster than you in most of cases. Competition with the malicious program in speed may give you a sad result. Look at your previous infected file and get sure run dll virus is already there. After you get convinced that run dll virus has appeared on your system it is recommended to stop its process.

To escape some new errors associated with deleting run dll you should make a backup point before doing any changes. If occasiously you removed valid file which you thought was from run dll, you can recover it from your Windows CD using utility. utility will assist you to turn off run dll malicious program to stop its distribution. The common synonym for run dll malware is file, which both are the similar names of the same malware. If you see not executables but library files with names alike what run dll source has, leave them alone, they can?t be malicious.

If you found run dll launched in autoload processes list it?s the most possible sign of virus. If your PC is infected you should scan the Windows by the latest release of anti virus or anti spyware. A kind firewall can secure your work and your system against run dll virus and you shouldn?t refuse from its use. If your system is already infected you should take measures for fixing the error as soon as possible. A special product from Security Stronghold can save from any errors connected with run dll infection.

If you are only a professional experienced user you can try to fix up run dll error by yourself. Analyzed the situation Security Stronghold made a decision to create a new product which would become the best program for fixing run dll error. Manual treatment of problem is strongly not recommended. Rundll Fix Wizard is the most available tool for everybody who met with run dll trojan. You needn?t be an mature professional to treat Rundll Fix Wizard.

We do guarantee that your Windows will recover from run dll by only several clicks.