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Bringing In Reinforcements To Deal With Additional Guard

We tend to think computers are invulnerable. After all, they essentially run our lives these days, right? Those who have had a single computer problem, though, know better. All too often, hardware and software problems alike can create very real problems that leave us little choice but machine replacement, which is not only expensive, but time consuming as well. If Additional Guard is your problem, though, you don?t have to worry about machine replacement. There are several simple removal techniques you can try.

What Is Additional Guard?

Designed to look much like any of the programs on the market that will protect your computer from viruses and malware, Additional Guard is considered rogue security software. The goal of this application is to get you to purchase the full version of the program, but doing so won?t leave you any better off in terms of protection.

What is a Virus? The confusion with so many rogue security programs comes in the name designation. A virus is software that can reproduce itself and generally cause extensive damage to your machine.

What is Malware? The term malware is a bit more general than virus. Malware stands for malicious software, and it?s any type of program that is designed to harm your computer or steal your personal information.

Additional Guard doesn?t fall into either of these categories, but you should still remove it as soon as you have the chance. Because it can open some security holes on your computer, Additional Guard removal is your best shot at keeping your machine as save as possible.

Why Is It Such a Problem?

There are a number of reasons Additional Guard is an issue. Besides the fact that it has the potential to create security holes down the road, one major issue is that many people don?t recognize the software as a problem. They tend to believe that it is a real security solution, as it is designed to look quite authentic, and they do what the computer program asks them to do. This may mean downloading content from another site that the computer program has asked you to download, or clicking on a button which the program asks you to click on. This can cause a great deal of problems with your computer, as clicking on these links or going to any website that Additional Guard asks you to go to may prove as an invitation to exploit the security holes it could potentially create.

The second problem is that many people simply ignore the situation. The most annoying thing that Additional Guard does, at least initially, is to pop up warnings that you have a virus or some bad software in your system. If you click on the ?x? button in the corner, the warning disappears, at least for awhile. Because of this many people click on the button and constantly close the popup, believing that it is nothing more than an annoyance. Unfortunately this is a bit more serious than that, and while it can be an annoyance, if left unchecked, it could mean much deeper issues.

How Do I Know if Additional Guard Is Installed On My Machine?

How do you know if you have the Additional Guard program? One of the most common ways to spot it is the pop ups on your computer. The alert may say something like:

?Additional Guard has detected potentially harmful software in your system. It is strongly recommended that you register Additional Guard to remove all found threats immediately.?

Or you may see a system alert that says:

?Suspicious software which may be malicious has been detected on your PC. Click here to remove this threat immediately using Additional Guard.?

In addition to alerts like these, you may also notice slow performance, system-wide. This is commonly caused by the RAM Additional Guard must use to run on an ongoing basis. At first, you may simply notice a slow down when you start programs. As time goes on, though, you?re likely to notice it when you try to start a program and even when you try to switch between open program windows.

You?ll probably also see some scan windows popping up on your machine on occasion. These look rather authentic, which is what frightens so many people. It often says ?Windows Advanced Security Center? in the top right corner of the program, and you?ll also see a button to activate advance protection. Clicking on it, though, will just lead you to the home page for the program?s website.

Removing Additional Guard as quickly as possible should be a high priority for you. Even though it seems as though it is simply annoying, it is something that could become a liability in the future. In order to remove Additional Guard, however, you may have to do a bit of research, as it is not an easy program to eliminate.