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Adobe Photoshop Cs3 Review

After having a chance to check out for myself the latest addition to the Adobe family, I decided to write this Adobe Photoshop CS3 review. Senior Creative Director of Adobe, Russell Preston Brown, is excited about the new Smart Filters. Should you be, too? If you?re a fan of Photoshop, or even if you aren?t, hopefully you?ll benefit from this brief review detailing the latest feature improvements and additions to an old favorite.

A bit of a photographer, I?ve always enjoyed playing around with my pictures with Photoshop. I?ve become a bit of an expert, and I was really excited to hear that Adobe was releasing a new version of the classic, called Photoshop CS3. I was curious to see how it would be without ImageReady, which this new version dropped.

I was pretty psyched to discover I didn?t really miss ImageReady at all. Speed increases and workflow enhancements added to my general state of glee. In fact, overall performance in general was much better, and the editing capabilities were awesome. Mac and PC users will both benefit from the speedier program, so across the board Photoshop CS3 gets an A+ on the swiftness front.

Also, Photoshop CS3 lets you export images for Zoomify. As for the Smart Filters, they?re everything the hype has claimed. It doesn?t matter if you want to blur, sharpen or make any other nondestructive modification. They can handle the job. A personal favorite new toy of mine is the black-and-white conversion capabilities, which are second only to the improved raw image processing.

So there you have it. Photoshop CS3 is awesome and well worth the cost of upgrading. I enthusiastically recommend it to all current Photoshop users, who will be pleasantly surprised with all of the new features this version offers. Even CNET editors agree, rating Photoshop CS3 as ?Excellent? on their standard scale!