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A Review Of The Best & Most Popular Registry Cleaner On The Market – Regcure

RegCure has been around since 2003 and has quickly become one of the most downloaded tools on the Internet. It's famed for the controversy surrounding its effectiveness, meaning that if you are looking to use RegCure to help your PC, you'll need to know the facts about it. Fortunately, we've been testing these registry tools for a long time and have come to several conclusions about this cleaner...

1. Effectiveness

The most important part of a registry cleaner is how effective it is, and having used RegCure, it seems that this cleaner appears to be quite effective. It typically found around 500-1000 errors on our test computers and seemed to make them more responsive and effective. It searches through 11 categories of errors that most PCs have, meaning that it's able to find and fix a wide variety of the most common issues that your PC might develop.

2. Features

Whilst RegCure does not have the most features of all the registry cleaners, it certainly seems to have some of the most powerful. Other cleaners, such as Registry Mechanic or even Perfect Optimizer, are packed with many useless features.... whilst RegCure has been designed to house only the most effective scanning & backup features. This is important because it makes RegCure able to find and fix the most errors, instead of trying to be the "Jack of all trades" and not working as effectively.

3. Protection

RegCure has a backup facility and can also create a system restore point in Windows, designed to protect your PC from any potential damage that could be caused by the registry tool. Cleaning the registry is a delicate operation, and deleting the wrong file could make your computer unstable or unreliable. Fortunately, RegCure, like most leading registry tools, has been equipped with a complete backup tool to help it on its way.

4. Conclusion

Whilst RegCure might not seem like the most pretty or feature-rich registry tool on the market, it's designed around effectiveness and usability. This tool has been created to be as effective as possible so that you can open it up, click a button and fix most errors on your PC. If you want to make your PC more reliable, or faster, then RegCure is one of the most effective cleaners that will achieve that.