Pc Repair Tips For When You Can?t Uninstall Avg

Imagine that it is the end of the workday and soon it?ll be time to catch the ride back home. You just need to send that last e-mail message before shutting down your PC. But the PC just refuses to shut down and eventually you get late.

Many times, you are likely to face problems while shutting down our PC. But there is still hope as there exist many ways to speed up the shutting down process of your PC. Let?s look at the most common ways:
? Close all Applications
? Manage your Device Drivers
? Disable Terminal Services
? Edit the Registry

Close all Applications
When a PC shuts down, it begins by closing all applications and processes running on your PC. This could delay the PC shut down process considerably. The best way to resolve this is to ensure that you close all software applications before you shut down your PC.

Manage your Device Drivers
Your pc may take lot of time to shut down is if your device drivers aren?t up-to-date. A simple way to rectify this is to check the device drivers that aren?t up-to-date and then upgrade them. To begin checking your device drivers, you should double-click System from the Control Panel window. Then navigate to the Device Manager command. This opens the Device Manager utility that lists all the devices installed on your PC.

A device with a red exclamation mark indicates that the device isn?t working and needs to be repaired. It is a good idea to call for technical support and, if one isn?t available, online technical support. However, if a device has a yellow exclamation mark, it indicates that the device is using a device driver that isn?t specific to the device. In such a situation, you need to go to the Web site of the company that produced the device to download and install the appropriate device driver.

Disable Terminal Services
Often, our PC has several terminal services enabled by default. Examples of these services include the remote desktop facility and remote desktop assistance. Keeping these services enabled by default makes it difficult for your PC to close these applications. Therefore, you should disable such terminal services and enable them only when you need to use them. Of course, you should disable them after you?ve used them.

To accomplish this, you need to type the command in the Run dialog box. From the resultant Services window, browse for Terminal Services in the Name column, select it, and click the Stop button.

Edit the Registry
One of the last steps you can perform to make your PC shut down faster is to edit the registry and ensure that the wait time for applications is less. Reducing this wait time drastically reduces the time your PC takes to shut down. To accomplish this, open the registry of your PC and locate the following registry key:


To reduce the amount of wait time, access the WaitToKillServiceTimeout parameter of the key and enter the time you want. This parameter takes time in seconds multiplied by 1000. So, if you want your PC to wait for 5 seconds, you need to enter 5000 as the value of this parameter.

However, there may be times when none of these solutions manage to rectify the problem. In such situations, it is best to call for remote IT support offered by an expert pc repair company. The remote technical support offered by an expert pc repair company such as helps you investigate and fix the problem in your system.